Best C-Panel Hosting 2021

This article takes you on a fun trip through the very best providers of cPanel hosting, and lets you pick the right one for you.

The majority of hosting providers send a control panel to their customers. Think of your dashboard as the control panel-it’s the GUI you use in one place to handle your hosting facilities, account, and server functions. Managing domain names, email addresses, backups, and more makes it simple.

One of the most common control panel tools is cPanel since it makes the website easy to run. It comes with loads of equipment, and it is incredibly reliable, particularly for your peace of mind.

Since it is so readily accessible from a variety of hosting services, it can be difficult to pick the right cPanel for you. We did our expert analysis and ended up with the seven best hosting services for cPanel.

You should be confident that this is the cream of the cPanel world crop, whether you prefer number one or number six.

#1. Bluehost

Are you searching for a WordPress host for your site? Don’t go anymore! Bluehost will not be beaten-not only did it come out in our study as the best overall hosting service, it is also WordPress itself ‘s number one preferred provider.

We think that’s something worth screaming about, particularly because of our research-backed claim to WordPress fame by Bluehost. It caters to collaborative, VPS, and dedicated plans for websites of all styles and sizes, as well as specially designed collaborative WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and managed WordPress hosting.

For its customers, Bluehost goes beyond and beyond. Bluehost’s controlled WordPress plans, for instance, include:

  • To give your site a better name, a free domain,
  • To keep your site up to date and stable, automatic software updates
  • For a stress-free experience, free backups
  • Unlimited storage so that you can openly expand your web
  • Unmetered bandwidth so that you can experience elevated traffic volumes

When it comes to WordPress, Bluehost is at the top of their game, so you don’t have to pick a particular approach for WordPress. Bluehost has also proven itself in VPS hosting and dedicated hosting in our testing, thanks to its set of stable features and impressive 99.98 percent uptime ranking.


You’re looking at a starting price of $19.95 per month for controlled WordPress hosting, up to $49.95 per month with discounted rates from Bluehost.

Clean, quick, and secure, Bluehost’s cPanel is compatible with the rest of its brand.



Not only does HostGator take the award for the best uptime ranking, but it also steals the victory for the best dedicated hosting supplier.

So exactly what’s making it so good? For starts, with an outstanding 99,99 percent uptime, it blasts into the stage. Due to small changes and malfunctions that can affect the server, that’s the best uptime score you would realistically expect from any company.

Combining its high uptime score with a wide range of service services, loads of hosting styles, and a full house of security features (such as CodeGuard), HostGator is a near second to Bluehost.

Moreover, to make it much simpler to use, HostGator has customized its cPanel very easy to search and find anything you need. In the HostGator help hub, there are lots of links, posts, and tips too, in case you get lost!

When it came to dedicated hosting, HostGator performed particularly well. You get a solid set of characteristics, including:

  • To keep tourists secure and Google satisfied built-in SSL Protection
  • 1 TB of disk space with loads of material to store
  • A Linux or Windows hosting option to suit your needs
  • To manage heavy traffic, unmetered bandwidth
  • To keep everything running smoothly, 8 GB of RAM

And it’s just for the cheapest committed package!


The cheapest dedicated package from HostGator is it’s appropriately called the Reliability Server package, costing new customers $119 a month. If you’re not ready for dedicated hosting, on its cheapest sharing service, you can host with HostGator for as little as $2.75 a month.


When it comes to joint hosting and VPS hosting, InMotion will not be beaten. For both forms of hosting, it ranked top of the table, ranking impressively for features, disk space, and assistance, and support.

This makes it easier to monitor multiple parts of your web and watches your data, such as the use of bandwidth. To skip right to the section you want, you can scroll or use the menu links at the end, or you can use the search bar to narrow down your results.

As cPanel can be uniquely configured for VPS hosting, one of InMotion’s extra benefits using cPanel is that you get a particularly customized interface. Optimized cPanel VPS makes sure that resources are minimally used, increasing efficiency and volume.

This version of cPanel is included with all VPS plans for InMotion-combining the specially optimized service with the top-notch functionality of InMotion, and you have a winning mix!


As it’s the simplest alternative, most individuals start on shared hosting, and InMotion provides a variety of tools to ensure that your site gets the best start in life. A perfect starting point, with unrestricted bandwidth, and a free SSL license, is the $2.49 per month Lite package. Expert readers of Website Creator get additional InMotion discounts-just to go to the InMotion page and these will be added automatically.

And you can also rely on InMotion to offer stellar VPS hosting when it’s time to give your site a more stable hosting package. Plans start at $29.19 a month and include features such as root access (for total server management and customization), free backups (for peace of mind), and capacity of up to 260 GB to offer your site space to expand. With all spread out on one single tab, InMotion’s cPanel is uncluttered and simple.


If your primary emphasis is on consistent, stress-free, efficient hosting, then the answer for you is SiteGround. To make managing your account simple, all SiteGround plans come with cPanel included. Manage your territories, manage your billing, and even access assistance via your SiteGround control panel.

With SiteGround, you have lots of hosting options. For good or poor purposes, it didn’t stand out in our research-it sits safely among its contemporaries, with 4 out of 5 stars overall.

Six hosting forms are provided by SiteGround. Of these, its controlled WordPress hosting is the best. It’s not in the number one spot, (that distinction goes to Bluehost), but because of its personalized functionality, WordPress recommends it.


You get critical WordPress functionality including free download and conversion, regular backups, automated upgrades, and professional WordPress support from $6.99 a month. It’s not quite at the stage of Bluehost, but it’s a secure and stable choice.

#5. iPage

The biggest point about iPage you need to remember is that it doesn’t use cPanel-it has its own iPage Control Panel. The goal is to simplify the interface even more than cPanel by using this unique control panel, making it as beginner-friendly as possible. This dashboard also offers access to all your management resources instantly and conveniently and can change its architecture to represent the iPage itself.

Overall, iPage is a decent hosting service that is budget-friendly, which is ideal if you just want to make it simple. His “one-size-fits-all” shared hosting package ensures that as the site expands, you don’t have to think about increasing costs.


Without a question, when it comes to value for money, the iPage is best. You can host on your shared hosting package with iPage from as little as $1.99 a month that’s 75% off the normal price, and includes free domain registration!

#6.A2 Hosting

One of the most annoying problems is poor customer service you don’t want to be the last individual to know when the web goes wrong! With A2 Hosting, that’s something you do not need to think about. You can rely on A2 Hosting for customer service, lightning-quick, and happy to help!

A2 Hosting also stands out in our analysis with its excellent cloud computing, which helps you to tailor the capabilities of your plan based on your needs.

Thanks to its intuitive nature and easy to use interface, A2 Hosting uses cPanel. It uses this standard control panel and integrates cPanel with high-performance SwiftServers to power its mutual, VPS, dedicated, and reseller servers to provide the site the power and speed it needs.

And what is storing them? In our study, A2 Hosting is a good alternative, earning a very decent 4.3 stars out of 5 overall. As well as a wide variety of various forms of hosting, it has a broad range of assistance and support services.

Where A2 Hosting fell, however, was its fairly poor 99.95 per cent uptime ranking. It also ended up in the top three providers for pooled hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and managed WordPress hosting, despite this error.


For its lowest shared hosting service, A2 Hosting’s rates start at $3.92, and it also has a generous money return guarantee at any time.

In the A2 Hosting support centre, there are lots of tips and posts to help you come to grips with cPanel, and with any questions you may have, it is quick to reach out in person.