Best Dedicated Hosting Plans

It is a good issue to need the best dedicated server hosting package to provide it usually suggests that the website or online company has risen to such heights of popularity that the full server services are needed to manage the user traffic.

The peak of computational power with isolated processors, improved protection, and full control over performance optimizations is dedicated hosting.

We have checked all the top choices and compared them on price, efficiency, usability, and reliability to help you identify the best-dedicated hosting service. Take a look at our findings:

#1. Bluehost

Bluehost is a trustworthy provider of dedicated hosting with outstanding value for your money. Their servers are not as powerful as some of the other dedicated server providers on this list, but for a relatively low cost, you get some excellent functionality.

With a presence in the US, EU, and Asia, Bluehost has data centers virtually across the globe. With 99.99 percent and just a minute of downtime in the last two months, their uptime is almost great. The efficiency, with an average speed of 720ms at the same time, is also reliable.

They only provide Linux powered servers, but with every package, they have added a free cPanel subscription to help you easily control your dedicated server.

A 4 GB RAM and 2.3GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, which are not that efficient, is the cheapest plan for Bluehost. You just get an HDD disk space of 500 GB, which is not much, and because they don’t sell an SSD disk with that low storage capacity. Your bandwidth is also limited at 5 TB, which for most small and medium-sized firms should be adequate. For the cheapest package, you get 3 dedicated IP addresses.


Bluehost’s cheapest dedicated hosting service starts at $79.99 / month, with a commitment of 3 years. Even if their lower-tier plans lack certain usability and capacity that the other cloud vendors provide (for a premium price), it’s quite a steal. If you want to spend extra for your dedicated server every month, then plan to pay twice the lowest amount, starting at $149.99 a month.

#2. InMotion

InMotion provides dedicated servers with external protection layers to protect the websites from ransomware that comes with their plans as a default. They have great output and usability, making them one of our list’s most dedicated hosting providers.

Only in the US are their servers based, but their efficiency and uptime are top-notch. With a near-perfect 99.98 percent uptime, their average pace has been ~460ms over the past two months.

InMotion only supplies the setup for Linux servers, but they have thrown in a free cPanel and WHM to sweeten the bargain. All of their web servers are operated rather than keeping the servers up and running, to allow you more free time for development.

The dedicated hosting plans of InMotion begin with 8 GB of RAM and a respectable processor of 3.50 GHz with 4 CPU cores. You will have the option to select between 500 GB and 1 TB of space on the SSD and HDD disks. Go with the SSD alternative for much better performance if you don’t need space. In comparison, for the cheapest package, you get 5 dedicated IP addresses but are limited to 6 TB of bandwidth.


Plans range from $139.99 / month for an annual pledge, or if you feel more comfortable paying weekly, from $159.99 / month. When their programs are not to your taste, you have the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#3. HostGator

Where it comes to dedicated servers, HostGator is a respected web hosting firm with helpful functionality. They offer a competitively priced managed dedicated hosting solution but be prepared to pay more after the initial duration.

Only in the US does HostGator provide data centers. Their progress over the past two months isn’t something we’d expect to see from a well-established provider of web hosting. The average speed was only ~1090ms, which is below the results on this list of some of the other providers. When they faced two hours of downtime over the last two months, their uptime was 99.86 percent.

HostGator provides customized servers for both Linux and Windows to fit the needs. For both setups, cPanel and WHM for Linux, and Plesk and WebMatrix with Windows, you get access to a free control panel.

The cheapest package from HostGator comes with a respectable 8 GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores with a 2.1 GHz CPU. You get 1 TB of storage space on the HDD and only have the option to select SSD storage for higher-level plans. For any plan, however, you have unmetered bandwidth and 3 dedicated IP addresses.


With a three-year commitment, HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans begin at $89.98 / month. Considering the benefit you get for the cheapest contract, this is such a bargain but be prepared for the maintenance cycle to pay a standard rate of $189 / month.

#4. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has dedicated hosting plans for both unmanaged and managed servers, depending on what you need. If you’re looking for a great deal on the unmanaged dedicated server, then A2 Hosting is the way to go. However, if you’re more into managed servers, then you may be better off with someone else.

Similar to Bluehost coverage, A2 Hosting has data centers across the US, EU, and Asia. With 99.99 percent and just 4 minutes of downtime over the last two months, their uptime is almost ideal. Their speed performance, however, was not great during the same span, with an average load time of ~1220ms, which is the worst result on our list.

They just sell Linux installed servers, and you get to pick the operating system to go with the unmanaged package. However, contrary to the controlled schedule, no monitoring panel comes along with the unmanaged schedule.

The unmanaged package of A2 Hosting comes with a respectable 8 GB of RAM, but only with 2 CPU cores with a 3.1 GHz device. You also get 1 TB of space for the HDD disk and two dedicated IP addresses. However, with the cheapest unmanaged contract, you’re limited to 10 TB of bandwidth for data transfers.


For a one-year commitment and an unmanaged dedicated domain, A2 Hosting’s lowest price is $99.59 / month. The same package begins at $124.49 / month with a recurring deposit. You will have an option of $39.95 / month to provide a cPanel control panel subscription.

#5. Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides a dedicated hosting facility that is dependable and lightning-fast. It comes packed with strong servers and lots of helpful features to sustain high efficiency on your websites.

In the US and EU, Liquid Web has data centers, ensuring secure connectivity for travelers in both countries. Performance-wise, with an average of ~360ms, we have calculated their speed to be the fastest on the list. With 99.99 percent and just 2 minutes of downtime in the last two months, their uptime was almost great.

Liquid Site operates dedicated servers with options for both Linux and Windows. However, as a standard, be prepared to pay extra for the Windows setup. You will have access to control panels for Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and Interworx, for which you can purchase different licenses via the control panel.

One of the key benefits is that right from the start you get a whopping 32 GB of RAM and a 3.9GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. With 480 GB, the storage space with the cheapest plan is not that big, but given the price, the default SSD storage makes up for it. When you need it, you will have the option to upgrade to bigger disk space. Also, with the cheapest plan, you get a single dedicated IP. However, for data transfers, you’re limited to 5 TB of bandwidth, which should be enough for most small or medium-sized enterprises.


Prices begin at $199 / month. There’s no chance of recurring bonuses. For central controlled or unmanaged schemes, the lowest rates are. In exchange, for a cPanel license, you will have to pay an additional $35 / month, which can make monthly payments very costly.

#6. SiteGround

In addition to the consistency and efficiency of their server software, because they have outstanding customer service, SiteGround joins our list.

They react instantly and they’re professional. For comparatively smaller sites that choose to move to a dedicated server, this makes it perfect.

During this method, quick access to friendly resources is essential. That’s why they’re so highly rated.

Any of SiteGround’s dedicated hosting arrangements are completely controlled. They set up the computer, keep up to date with the applications, and track the computer 24/7. If any concerns come up, they provide immediate support.

Although the Entry Server isn’t inexpensive, with an entry-level contract, it still provides a decent amount of bandwidth, RAM, and pace. The capacity is a little on the lower side, which makes the Power Server my top option of the three.

With the Super Power Server priced at more than twice the Power Server’s monthly cost, it is not possible too that much capacity would be required for most websites.

#7. Media Temple

Dedicated hosting plans are not for everybody, as I said earlier. With that said, except for everyone who recognizes they want a dedicated computer, Media Temple is not.

With plans beginning at $2,000 a month, dedicated hosting plans are explicitly designed for enterprise-level hosting by Media Temple.

So, even though your website for small companies attracts lots of monthly traffic, you can search for a dedicated server somewhere.

Depending on how much leverage you want over the servers, Media Temple provides both controlled hosting and self-managed hosting services.

You’ll be able to run complicated tasks on your website with a whopping 128 GB of RAM. You won’t be slowed down by diverse materials, CMS, and heavy traffic levels.

For companies intent on reselling, these dedicated server policies are safest. You’ll have enough power and influence to reserve space on one server for your clients.

Media Temple provides preferential prices on long-term contracts if you want to save some money. Annual plans start at $20,000, which, relative to the month-to-month pace, is effectively two months free. Contacts for two years and contracts for three years are valued at $38,000 and $54,000, respectively.

These dedicated servers, again, are not for everyone. But this would be the best option for those of you who have companies and are planning on reselling the disk space.

#8. AccuWeb & Hostwinds

Hostwinds provides a dedicated budget hosting service that you can tailor according to your specifications. However, the low rates still represent some of the missing basic items that are provided by default by some of the other suppliers. The cheap cost often depends on the results somewhat.

Their data centers are based only in Seattle, Dallas, and the US. The uptime has been 99.99 percent for the last two months, with just a minute of downtime in all. However, with an average load time of 1120ms, which is below the industry norm, their performance is completely lacking.

Hostwinds has optimized servers for both Linux and Windows for which you can pick the preferred operating system. The plans do not provide a control panel, however, at an additional expense; you can connect to cPanel, Plesk, or CWP using the HostWinds GUI.

With 8 GB of RAM and a 3.5GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, the cheapest package sets you up, which is a bargain given the low price. You also get 1 TB of storage space for HDDs and 8 dedicated IP addresses in total. However, for data transmissions, you’re limited to 10 TB of bandwidth.


The plans begin at $79.50 / month and without any long-term commitment. There’s no control panel included with the plans, but via Hostwinds you have the option of purchasing it separately. For starters, it costs you another $35 / month for a cPanel subscription.