Best Shared Hosting Plans

This article would give the best shared hosting services a complete rundown.

The easiest way to host a website is by pooled hosting. You and other users use one domain to manage the different websites for this kind of hosting. You all get to use a bit of the server, keeping expenses nice and tiny!

The cap on your capacity is the downside to shared hosting. Think of it almost because you’ve got your room staying in a communal home, but you’re always sharing dish soap and toilet paper. If one of your housemates has lots of people around and uses all that stuff, so you don’t have any left!

For your website, that means that if another site uses too many of your shared resources, you could end up with slower site rates, or even crashes. When the other side experiences a massive surge in site traffic, this will happen.

Both of these top providers will break down this post, and show which one fits the shared hosting needs best. You’ll find out about each provider’s pros and cons, as well as how much they pay. We’re also going to add several other popular providers and share our top tips for finding a shared hosting service with you.

#1. Bluehost

Bluehost provides many valuable additions, such as domain anonymity, but relative to its rivals, it may provide more value for resources. Even, in terms of shared hosting functionality, it’s right up there with InMotion and is biting at HostGator’s heels with a very impressive 99.98 percent uptime ranking.

It comes with lots of extras, including frequent file backups, a domain manager, a spam specialist, and CloudFlare, the performance-boosting content delivery network.

Bluehost is now the number one hosting company suggested by WordPress, so this could be the shared hosting solution for you if you have a tiny WordPress account.


The Strategy Simple speaks for itself. You get all of the shared hosting features to help a simple site for $2.95 a month, including one domain, 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and SSL encryption.

The Plus option is just $3 extra, at $5.95 a month, but it raises your limits significantly. As well as limitless parking and subdomains, $200 in marketing coupons, and a spam specialist, you access unlimited websites and unmetered data.

Bluehost is suggesting its proposal for Option Plus. This saves $5.95 with discount prices, but with the additional benefit of domain protection and CodeGuard Standard web backups, you get everything from the Plus package without costing any money.

The Pro plan costs $13.95 a month, and if your site needs a lift, it is the ideal alternative. As it comes with enhanced software, including a high capacity cloud, it provides you more control than the three other plans.

#2. DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the hosting services suggested by WordPress and provides a good set of community hosting functionality.

In terms of aid and service or uptime, it’s not the best, but you can’t disagree with DreamHost’s value for money with a 97-day money-back guarantee and very inexpensive rates.

The functionality you get with these prices means that the enticing title of the provider with the highest value for money’ is earned by DreamHost. WordPress even suggests DreamHost, and these cooperative services are also ideal for WordPress pages, with pre-installation included.


It costs $2.59 a month for the Joint Starter package. This provides you with one website, a free domain, unrestricted traffic, easy storage for SSD, and a free SSL license. It comes pre-installed with WordPress, saving you time and effort.

An update costing $7.95 each month is the Joint Unrestricted package. This covers everything from the Starter kit, which unlocks your domain-tailored customizable websites which unrestricted emails.

#3. Hostinger

The sharing plans from Hostinger are a classic definition of “you get what you pay for.” Its qualities are not as generous-for example, there are smaller capacity caps-and aid and assistance is rather limited, with no phone service on offer. Hostinger still has every company on this list with the lowest uptime rate, which means that the platform is likely to be out of service for more time than for an alternative. All in all, if you are after a low-budget option for a small site, but not one that we will suggest for corporations or heavy traffic websites, it is a decent choice.


The primary appeal of Hostinger is its price. For the first term, which is significantly cheaper than the next cheapest rival, you will pick up the cheapest shared hosting contract for only $0.99 / month. And you can pick up a contract for only $2.15 / month right after the discount time is over (so long as you don’t mind signing up four years in advance!). Hostinger also has a very great world wide range of data centres, which offers the best chance of decent load speeds for foreign audiences.

#4. A2 Hosting

A2 is a strong shared hosting service, including professional hosting tools, providing excellent value for resources. Just two of the extras that make this provider a top option are unlimited disk space and free site transfer.

If there’s an issue with your server, A2 Hosting will let you know in a moment, so you won’t be left in the dark trying to find out what’s gone wrong. You’ll also get outstanding customer service.


In its three price plans, A2 hosting prides itself on speed, reliability, and service, and these qualities are mirrored. The Lite package costs $3.92 a month and offers one platform, one directory, free SSL support and free SSD storage, unrestricted storage, and transfer. All this and limitless websites and applications are covered by the $4.90 a month Swift package.

The Turbo package is the largest, at a monthly expense of $9.31. This offers you boost options that can render page loading speeds up to 20 times quicker, like the A2 Web Multiplier and the Turbo Server.

#5. InMotion

The best overall collaborative hosting service on the market is InMotion. Combined with free backups and a free domain, unrestricted storage capacity and a high uptime score allow for a full shared hosting kit.

Three shared hosting plans are provided by InMotion: Lite (WBE users exclusively), Start, Power, and Pro. You get a free domain, unrestricted storage space, bandwidth, and email from all plans. Marketing software, a free security suite, and free SSL encryption are also offered by all three.


At 2.49 dollars a month, Lite is the most simple. InMotion’s best seller is the $7.99 a month Power package, giving you six websites and doubling the Launch package’s output. At $12.99 a month, the Pro package is the most comprehensive, offering limitless platforms, coverage for pro tiers, and efficiency that is four times higher than the Launch plan.

#6. HostGator

In the hosting community, HostGator is a major name, and for good cause! It’s the strongest all-around hosting network in the industry, and in its joint hosting arrangements, this high-quality offering demonstrates.

All three of its shared hosting plans offer you top-of-the-range services, including quick one-click download, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. Attach the extremely strong 99.99 percent uptime ratings, and this joint supplier looks like a great option!


At $2.75 a month, the Hatchling package from HostGator is the cheapest, offering you simple resources and a single domain. The Baby account, costing $3.95 a month, is the next step up and unlocks infinite domains. The most sophisticated package is the $5.95 a month enterprise package, which provides you with more technological features, such as a free dedicated IP and free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software.

#7. SiteGround

SiteGround provides quick and stable shared hosting for both personal and small business sites, making it an enticing choice. SiteGround offers good collaborative hosting functionality, fantastic opportunities for assistance and support, and 99.98% uptime.

However, when it comes to disk space, as well as value for money, it slides behind its rivals. Compared with other companies providing unrestricted storage space, the maximum amount of storage space available is 40 GB, and SiteGround fails to impress.

Three collaborative hosting plans are available at SiteGround: Founder, GrowBig, and GoGeek. All plans come with ‘key’ features from SiteGround, which include:

  • Free website builder
  • Free SSL Security
  • Free daily backups
  • Free email accounts

This is the third provider to be recommended by WordPress and is a secure and reputable shared hosting service. However, for those with a significant volume of disk space, SiteGround is unsuitable.


StartUp pays $6.99 a month and provides you with all of these important services, plus one platform, 10 GB of disk space, and 10,000 annual visits.

GrowBig is updating this package to unrestricted websites and 20 GB of disk space at $9.99 a month. It also introduces ‘premium’ functionality, such as free backup restores, and allows the site to be viewed 25,000 times a month.

GoGeek’s $14.99 a month package gives you 40 GB of storage space. It blends ‘Geeky’ functionality with the basic and advanced features available in the lower plans, such as PCI enabled servers. This gives the GoGeek initiative the capacity to help 100,000 visitors a month.

#8. iPage

Unlike other companies that have multiple service selections on our list, iPage provides only one shared web hosting service.

While they give low rates, iPage has excellent features such as:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain for one year
  • Free eCommerce integration
  • 24/7 phone and live chat support

For such a low-cost package, that’s a lot of “secure” and “unlimited.” I wouldn’t use them if you have an e-commerce site, even though iPage advertises a free online store, PayPal integration, and other e-commerce features.

Overall, iPage is suitable for smaller websites. Be mindful that they charge extra for items like site transfers, but for a low-cost web host, that’s expected.


It is just as easy as it comes. When you sign up, their package costs $1.99 a month, then $7.99 a month when you upgrade it. Overall, this certainly places them in the top place for inexpensive web hosting.

#9. GoDaddy

With over 44 million domains, GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting options. The business has 14 facilities around the world and is regarded as one of the major registrars of domains. They also provide web hosting options for small and very large websites that are ideal for both. They still do not own their server park, similarly to SiteGround, but are associated with Amazon and rent AWS servers instead.

GoDaddy shared hosting has given us an uptime of 99.97 percent and a page speed of about 554 ms in the last 2 years of monitoring, telling us that GoDaddy is a trustworthy provider. As it comes with a basic drag-and-drop website builder (GoCentral) built for beginners, GoDaddy is an excellent tool for designing custom websites. It also features developer-friendly tools such as MySQL, cPanel, Python, CloudLinux, and various PHP models.


Their cheapest web hosting service begins at $4.33 / mo with 100 GB of domain capacity (a lot) and unmetered bandwidth. Their cheapest web hosting package starts at $4.33 / mo. Monitoring for security and DDoS protection is also provided.

GoDaddy, though, has several “upsells” that would make you pay a little more. For starters, their cheapest plan does not include site backups, SSL certificates, and email accounts. Also, GoDaddy provides 24/7 assistance.

Both the annual and multi-year contracts from GoDaddy come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.