Best Web Hosting For WordPress

It’s very important to pick the proper host for your WordPress website. The wellbeing of your WordPress site will depend on the hosting company you’re using.

But how do you know which WordPress host is the right one?

There are too many to pick from Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, etc.

Bear in mind the three most important considerations in a WordPress hosting, which host you’re going to choose:

  • Speed: Often referred to as load time.
  • Uptime: Requires a minimum of 99.94 percent.
  • Customer Support: For WordPress’s relevant issues, they can assist you.

As this depends on many different variables, such as your preferred hosting package, your website size, and the number of visits your website receives, we do not guarantee you would have identical uptime or performance outcomes to your website.

7 Best Providers for WordPress Hosting

Next, let’s switch to the best providers for hosting, and then step down the list and see-ones you can stop. Without further ado, here are WordPress 7 best web hosts:

#1. Bluehost

  • Uptime: 99.98 percent
  • Time to load: 553 ms
  • Support: live chat 24/7, information base, telephone
  • Features: One-click download for WordPress, free SSL, 1-year free domain
  • Homepage:

Among several small business owners and bloggers who use WordPress, Bluehost is a popular hosting service. The explanation is simple: they have inexpensive promotional pricing ($2.75 / mo), it’s quick to use (WordPress one-click install), and they typically have no performance complaints.

We also found that Bluehost has the highest cost/value ratio. With only 35 outages (all less than an hour in time) and an average page loading speed of 553 ms over the last 12 months, our uptime and performance tracking tool Pingdom shows us an overall uptime of 99.98 per cent.

They’re just one of the few webs hosting that the network is publicly recommending.

Both of their plans come with free SSL (https://), a staging environment for WordPress, and basic WordPress download tools.

For the cheapest package, Bluehost does not offer free site conversion and it will cost you $150 for one domain to be moved. If you sign up for their plus package or more, then for one website, you can even get a free migration.

Bluehost also has a huge WordPress instructional database and both plans come with fast and effective 24/7 online customer service.


The rates of Bluehost start at $2.75 / month (with a 36-month plan) and for a year they throw in a free domain name with SSL. Their renewal price is $7.99 / month. Bluehost comes with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

  • PROS: High uptime and load time, free domain name, recommended.
  • CONS: No monthly payment alternative, no free transfer from the platform with the cheapest package.

#2. Hostinger

  • Uptime: 99.96 percent
  • Load time: 308 ms. Load time:
  • Support: online chat 24/7, information base
  • Features: email address free of charge, infinite bandwidth, free SSL
  • Domain Web:

Originally from Europe, Hostinger has data centres in the US, Asia, and Europe. They don’t offer the choice of selecting a data centre right away, but you can ask for their help after you sign up to move the server locations from the US to Asia or Europe. Very good functionality is not provided by many other web hosting businesses.

They also have a website builder for WordPress, which is not perfect but can help a lot for a beginner.

Hostinger also provides useful 24/7 online chat and has a wide library of tips and tutorials for WordPress.

Their efficiency is pretty good, despite being on the cheapest WordPress hosts. They were just overcome by A2 Hosting and HostGator in terms of load time (308 ms). Uptime is also strong, coming in over the last 12 months at 99.96 percent.


Their lowest WordPress hosting contract begins at 2.15 / month (if you sign up for 48 months) and $3.49 / month is extended. Unlimited bandwidth and 20 GB of disk space are included with this package. Also, in all their arrangements, one email address is included, as well as a SSL certificate and free web migration.

If you are not happy with their operation, you will obtain a complete refund within 30 days of registration.

  • PROS: Inexpensive prices, one-click download for WordPress, fast speed, free relocation of pages.
  • CONS: Low uptime, storage space reduced.

#3. WP Engine

Most common handled ($22.50 / mo) hosting

The package that we’ve checked here is called Unique, and it’s the WP Engine entry-level package. You are required to have WordPress enabled as part of it, and it can accommodate up to 25,000 visitors a month, so maybe more than enough for most new websites.

The whole WP Engine sign-up process is very simple, and I’m only referencing it here because the implementation of WordPress is an integral part of the initial sign-up. In other words, you don’t have to mount WordPress on your own; that’s what the WP Engine team takes care of for you.

You get an email with all the access keys and relevant information for the new account at the end of the sign-up.

With no shocks, the WP Engine has an almost flawless record of uptime.

However, the remarkable thing is their typical reaction rate. In the last three months, it’s been 150ms. We practically couldn’t have asked a WordPress host for anything else.

When visiting the web from all over the world, the WP Engine demonstrates decent performance, with only small variations here and there. Overall, fantastic performances!


Most common handled ($22.50 / mo) hosting

#4. Liquid Web

A powerhouse built to support other powerhouses is the Liquid Network. If you are a client of an organization or are tasked with handling several WordPress pages, while you use Liquid Website, nothing can go wrong. It installs WordPress and the plugins automatically.

Let’s claim there’s more influence you need than any of the other hosts on this list. But it is not enticing to do all yourself by AWS. The Liquid Network is for you, therefore. While also getting a lot of power than most hosts offer you, you won’t have to do about as much configuration and maintenance as AWS.

You’ll have connections to MySQL, SFTP, and SSH on both levels. You have Git version control as well. There is nearly unmatched security, speed, and customer service. Liquid Web is not correct for everyone. One of the other possibilities should be preferred by small businesses; Liquid Network will be way too many. Liquid Site may be the WordPress host for power users that you’ve been waiting for.

  • Builder: $149 /month
  • Producer: $299 /month
  • Enterprise: $999 /month
  • Executive: $549 /month

#5. Siteground

  • Uptime: 99.99 per cent
  • Load time: 643 ms
  • Support: Online chat 24/7
  • Features: Cloud servers for Google, free https (SSL), free email, free migration of sites
  • Site: www.

SiteGround, suggested by the forum, is another common and legal WordPress hosting service. SiteGround has expanded to a vast network of over 800,000 domain names worldwide since 2004.

They are one of the smaller hosts where, from Europe to the USA, you can even change your data centre locations. So it’s a nice idea for you if your guests are primarily from Europe.

They also offer free transfers to the WordPress homepage, including a free CDN (for caching) and image editing, both of which can make the WordPress website faster than ever.

By linking to their live chat, we have checked the customer service and asked some questions to determine their support staff. They were polite and supportive, easily responding to requests. Overall, the experience was good.

SiteGround held an acceptable uptime of 99.99 per cent (with 27 outages) in terms of uptime; followed by a strong load time of 643 ms. They are still not as quick as Bluehost or HostGator, however.


It’s very pricey for Siteground. Their cheapest package begins at $6.99 / month (12-month package) yet (similar to many hosting providers) renews at a much higher rate of $14.99 / month. A domain (you can buy it for $15.95 / year) is not included, but they provide free email accounts.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by SiteGround.

  • PROS: Decent uptime, consistent pace, free upload of pages, WordPress officially approved, frees SSL.
  • CONS: Not a secure domain at high costs.

#6. Flywheel

For individuals who want to get into controlled WordPress hosting but still don’t want to invest too much on it, Flywheel offers a very tempting deal.

Feature-wise, with Flywheel, there’s nothing essential, and you should also predict decent results (more on that in a minute). The $13.00 / month contract requires one WordPress website to be hosted, and you can accommodate up to 5,000 monthly users (20 GB of bandwidth). You can get 5 GB of storage space and free migration to the web. Google Cloud Infrastructure manages the servers.

Specifically, Flywheel focuses on the “run” functionality, offering you things such as frequent backups, multi-site support, staging (very cool if you want to try new things before bringing them out to the public), SFTP, and a free SSL certificate is also accessible. Instead of making you tinker with the wp-admin, they also take care of your WordPress alerts through the main Flywheel screen.

The ease of use of the Flywheel framework and user panel is what is very amazing. It’s all simple, easy to comprehend, easy to


The $13.00 / month contract requires one WordPress website to be hosted, and you can accommodate up to 5,000 monthly users (20 GB of bandwidth). You can get 5 GB of storage space and free migration to the web. Google Cloud Infrastructure manages the servers.

#7. Kinsta

Best Handled Hosting Performance ($25.00 / month)

Kinsta is a WordPress boutique hosting service that focuses predominantly on tailored setups for organized hosting. However, being a “boutique” does not mean that the load cannot be handled.

Kinsta truly has behind it the full force of the Google Cloud Network. They take the infrastructure from Google and make it easy to use and more usable. The traditional cPanel UI is not used by Kinsta, but instead offers users a custom panel that focuses on what’s important while covering all else.

The fact that this host is “owned” means that it’s Kinsta who manages any activity relevant to server management for you.

Nothing short of fantastic is Kinsta’s uptime. Hardly any conflicts emerge from it, and the figures speak for themselves.

Perhaps even more remarkable are the reaction times. The average of 160ms over three months isn’t something you see in other hosts every day.

Sitting below the 1-second mark, except for connections from Australia, the loading times are excellent throughout the board.


Best Handled Hosting Performance ($25.00 / month)