Best Stock Broker In India

Finding the best stock Brokers in India is a daunting task as there are over stockbrokers in India (full service and discount). 

You must first understand you’re trading and investment needs before you receive the right stockbroker.

For example, if you are trading large volumes without research and investment advisory services, you should open an account with discount brokers. Discount brokers charge a fixed commission (usually 20 rupees per order), offer a decent trading platform but do not have investment advice. 

On the other hand, if you need investment advice, research-based advice, and other services like wealth and portfolio management, go for full-service intermediaries. 

Full-service brokers charge between 0.3% and 0.55% of the brokerage trading volume and offer a wide range of research and investment advice. 

We researched and analyzed the runners and prepared a list of India’s top 11 runners in 2021.

Here is a list of the top stock brokers in India 2021

#1.Zerodha Stock Broker Review

Zerodha is a Bengaluru stockbroker who brought the concept of the discount brokerage model to India. Zerodha now has a total retail customer base in India, with over 3 million customers also contributing around 15% of the total volume.

Zerodha is best for setting minimum high trading margin requirements. 

You can invest in mutuals, bonds, and OPCs (through Bhim UPI). Distribution of shares and direct investment funds is free.

Why Zerodha is number 1

  • Most stockbrokers are stockbrokers
  • Correct the 20-day trading brokerage day 
  • When zero mediation is introduced  
  • Good customer service 
  • Advanced negotiation tables and tools and technical analysis

Zerodha trading platforms  

1. Comet 3.0

Kite 3.0 is a web-based trading network that lets you scan for zero-latency stock markets with over 90,000 F&O shares and contracts.

For more detailed liquidity information, Kite 3.0 provides 20 market depths or level 3 data.

He wears stars

  • Advanced graphic
  • Elegant user interface
  • Real-time widgets

2. Movable star

Kite Mobile App Kite 3.0 is a small version of the trading platform that uses a bandwidth of fewer than 0.5 Kbps.

The application is compatible with Android and iOS. In the Kite app, you get all of the functionality of Kite 3.0.  

The app has a 2FA biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition – iOS) session for improved security. With KSE, you can exchange and manage live play data from ESB, NSE, and MCX.

3. Zerodha Pi  

Zerodha Pi is a desktop terminal that can be put up for sale. Now Zerodha Kite 3.0 is being promoted on the platform. 

Pi helps you operate between BSE, NSE, and MCX segments with advanced graphics, something, strategies, and later tests. 

The best

Zerodha is best for new and self-directed traders aware of trading costs at decent volumes with margins up to 16 times when paying a flat brokerage Rs. 20.

# 2. Upstox Review

Upstox is a growing discount broker in India. Upstox is the best choice for high volume traders looking for large margins (up to 15 times), small brokers, and decent trading platforms.

You only pay Rs mediation. Within 20 days, regardless of the size of the F&O, foreign exchange, and commodity trading. Stock distribution is free. 

Today, Upstox is offering a Zero brokerage offer for 30 days when you open a new account. You get unlimited free brokerage trading for 30 days.

Why is Upstox number 2?

  • Offer a free account
  • No mediation in 30 days (limited time offer) 
  • Repair 20 / commercial brokerage (after 30 days) 
  • Zero-value brokerage is introduced 
  • Advanced trading platforms with charts and tools 

Upstox trading platforms  

1. Upstox Pro Web

The Upstox Pro website helps you do detailed market analysis and actions with advanced features like API integration, some trading, powerful charts, and more than 100 technical indicators. 

Pro is a web-based trading platform that uses socket technology that allows faster access to real-time market data. You have the facility to operate directly from the graphics. 

Also, one-click trading helps you buy and sell quickly. Just advance your order choices to get in and out of the trade soon. 

2. Upstox NEST Trader

NEST Trader is part of the desktop trading software markets, placing orders and helping you track the buying and selling of stock in real-time.

You can install the application on your desktop or laptop.

Characteristics of the NEST merchant

  • View of various monitors
  • Customizable interface
  • Advanced graphic
  • Low latency 

3. Upstox Pro mobile app

Upstox Pro is available on the mobile web as an app, where you can track, monitor, and change charts using over 100 chart tools and technical metrics.

Upstox Pro is a mobile trading platform compatible with Android and iOS phones.

The best

Upstox is best for traders and investors due to apartment brokerage Rs. 20 decent trading platforms.

#3. 5paisa Stock Broker Review

5Paisa is the leading stock broker raising the lowest brokerage from a flat Rs. 10 per order in the Power Investor and Ultra Trader package. But you have to pay a maximum of Rs. 20 stocks per order for the stock distribution professions.

You get a joint account for trading securities, mutual funds, and insurance investments.

The 5paisa mobile app is the best commercial mobile app in India. The app is straightforward to use and offers a great experience.

If you’re looking for the cheapest brokerage fees and you’ll be able to get a mobile trading app, you should go with 5Paisa.

Why does 5Paisa occupy 3rd position?

  • Charge 10 / lowest commercial brokerage
  • The fastest process to open an account 
  • Easy to use best commercial application. 

5Paisa trading platforms  

1. The Merchant Station Website

5Country “Trader Station Web” is an online trading platform available in a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

5Paisa Traders Station The site provides a unified view of your portfolio, positions, and holdings between equities and mutual funds.

2. EXE Commerce Station

5Country “TradeStation EXE” is a desktop-compatible desktop terminal, best suited for regular traders who need advanced trading equipment.

The Trade Station EXE app provides real-time data to compare advanced daily internal charts and past stock prices.

Paisa application # 3.5 (mobile trading application)

The 5Paisa mobile commerce app is a small version of the shopping station commercial facility, Robo Research, and Consulting. 

The app can buy stocks, exchange stocks, futures, and options to invest in mutual funds and bonds.

The 5Paisa app is also useful for buying insurance products and getting personal loans.

#4. Wisdom Capital Stock Broker Review

Wisdom Capital is the best derivatives trader (F&O of capital and commodities). 

The runner charges one of the flattest runners for Rs. 9 to trade derivatives of the Pro scheme for each operation.  

Wisdom Capital is outside Noida and has 1,000 Indian franchises.

Wisdom capital trading platforms  

1. Desktop Based: FOX Trader trading platform

Fox Trader has advanced features like chart analysis, technical indicators, real-time performance, and algorithm design.

You can use multiple scanners with more than 200 conditions and signals and more than 300 analytics and API integrations for advanced diagrams and fast command execution.

Technical “end of day” analysis can also be created for further research and analysis. 

2. Desktop Based: NEST Merchant Trading Platform

The NEST merchant platform is compatible with Windows operating system. The NEST Trader platform allows you to trade instantly, scan with better filtering options, and create a wide range of display lists. 

3. Based on the Mobile app – Wisdom Pro

Wisdom Pro has an intensive checklist of 300 stocks. You can create pre-defined lists like Nifty 50 and Nifty 100.

The best

Capital Wisdom is best for professional traders looking for higher margins (up to 20 times) and a decent trading platform. 

#5. IIFL Stock Broker Review (Former India Portfolio)

India Infoline IIFL is an ISO-certified diversified finance branch. IIFL Securities is a stockbroker with other full value services

  • Mutuals
  • IPO
  • Portfolio Management Service 
  • Loans (home, staff, gold, goods, and business)
  • Wealth and portfolio management
  • Asset management, investment banking

IIFL trading platforms  

1. Commercial Terminal (ITWeb)

Trader Terminal is a web-based trading platform where you can trade, report research, and advice directly at your trading desk.

2. IIFL market application 

The IIFL Market app is compatible with Android and iOS phones. The app is 3.8 on Google Playstore. You can access opinions and application reports from the Senior Management Panel and IIFL.

The best

The IIFL stock broker is best if you want practical advice on intervention, research and trading and don’t mind paying a higher brokerage fee.

#6. Angle Broker Full Service Stock Broker Review

Angel Broking has been a full-service brokerage firm for over 30 years, offering discounted brokerage fees.

You can also invest in IPOs, OFS, bonds, and anti-equity loans. With over 2.15 million transaction brokerage accounts, Angel Broking has an Indian presence covering 18,649 PIN codes.

Angel Broker trading platforms  

1. Angel Broker App

Angel Broking’s mobile app helps you negotiate over the phone. The application is compatible with operating systems running Android and iOS.  

The application can transfer various indexes, entry books, contract notes, P&L pieces, and funds and securities.

2. Angel Broker Trade

Angel Broking is a web-based trading platform where you can invest in mutual funds, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, bonds, and OPCs. 

The Angel Broker Trading platform can manage the entire family’s wealth/account with a single login. 

3. Angel Speed ​​Pro

Angel Speed ​​Pro is a desktop trading software that can be used on various commercial computers.

Speed ​​Pro is useful for tracking your portfolio, receiving instant market news, and updating live market data in Excel. 

The best

Angel brokerage offers a flat brokerage of Rs. 20 transactions per operation and a margin of 6-8 times per day are sufficient for new and regular operators.

A Demat and angel trading account is best if you are looking for an advanced trading platform (Speed ​​Pro) or a daily trading mobile app.

#7. Sharekhan Stock Broker Review

Sharekhan is a full-service stock exchange agent with a two-decade industrial presence, more than 2 million customers, and an Indian presence in 541 cities.  

Value-added services include investments in mutual funds and portfolio management services. New traders can take various courses to change the stock market at Sharekhan Education. 

Sharekhan offers personalized research advice to traders, investors, and mutual fund investors. 

Sharekhan trading platforms

1. Sharekhan website 

The Sharekhan website is a URL-based web trading platform with advanced graphics such as smart search, portfolio tracking, trading, research, tracking, and investing. You can access the shopping area directly from the Sharekhan website.

2. Tiger trade

Trade Tiger is a powerful desktop trading platform that offers media terminal functions.  

3. Sharekhan Mini

Sharekhan Mini is a small version of the Sharekhan website. The best performance is if you want to operate on your mobile phone or have low internet speeds. No Sharekhan Mini app is required to install and can be accessed from mobile phones, computers, and laptops. 

4. Sharekhan mobile app

The Sharekhan app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app facilitates trading and investment funds. 

The best

Advice services, new traders, and people who need stock advice and don’t mind paying more for brokerage. 

#8. Edelweiss Stock Broker Review

Edelweiss mediation has been in the industry for over two decades, where you can invest and trade in stocks, derivatives (F&O), mutual funds, gold ETFs, and OPVs. 

Today the team consists of 11,938 professionals in 200 locations in India with over one million clients.

Edelweiss provides guided investment through the portfolio organizer and research reports. 

You have the flexibility to take charge. Switching accounts is free when you switch from Lite to Elite. Although the fee of Rs. 2,500 will be converted to switch from Elite to Lite. 

Edelweiss trading platforms  

1. Terminal X3 (TX3)

Terminal X3 (TX3) is a computer-based trading terminal with a speed of over 60 advanced indicators, advanced graphics, and informative data analysis. 

The X3 Terminal can be converted into a gadget-size screen box by creating multiple screens to track and trade various assets. 

2. Edelweiss Mobile Trader

Mobile merchant Edelweiss has offered divisions for the equity, derivatives, and commodity markets.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS apps. The Edelweiss mobile app allows you to view many types of charts such as Heiken Ashi, Renko, Points & Figure, Candlestick, and OHLC charts (open, high, low, and closed).

The best

Edelweiss is best for traders who want to experiment with flat brokerage and percentages and then decide. Edelweiss gives them the flexibility to change plans.

#9. Kotak Securities Review

Sponsored by Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Securities is a full-service stockbroker with 1539 branches and 393 franchise cities. 

Services offered include investments in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, and ETFs. You can also look for portfolio management and research services at home. 

1. Advance Mediation Scheme – (brokerage fees apply to both parties)

Under the previous brokerage scheme, commissions are charged as a percentage of market value. Mediation is reversed at the end of the 12-month plan.  

For example, 

  • Suppose that when you select plan B, and no mediation is created, the total advance of € 10,000 will be reversed.
  • If the mediation generated is Rs. 15,000, then only Rs. 10,000 is refundable 
  • If the brokerage is 8,000 euros in a year, then. The year 2000 would be reversed.

2. Shubh business mediation scheme

To avail Shubh trading scheme, you must provide a cash margin of Rs. 1 Lakh.

Elevation stock trading platforms  

1. KEAT Pro X.

KEAT Pro X is a computer-based trading platform for trading stocks and currencies. You can trade, view prices live, create an inventory, and manage your portfolio.

2. Stock operator

Kotak Stock Trader is a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can trade anywhere, manage your portfolio, view the market, get quotes, news, and research information.  

The best

Securities are best if you need very high profits or want to invest in ETFs, bonds, and IRFs (interest rate futures) and don’t mind paying extra.

#10. Motilal Oswal Stock Broker Review

Motilal Oswal is a full-service stockbroker who has been in the industry for over three decades and has nutritional research advice. 

The broker has an in-house research team made up of 260 companies and shares from more than 21 sectors. Nearly 10% of its revenue goes to research and recruitment and research training.

Motilal Oswal provides daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on stock markets, companies, various sectors, market analysis reports, and thematic reports.

Motilal Oswal trading platforms  

1. Inverter MO

MO Investor Robo is a web-based financial and trading platform with Wealth and ACE (advisory on stock mergers). Both tools help you choose the right stock and provide professional investment strategies. 

The platform has scanner scanners, an advanced diagram with nine technical indicators, and mass calling facilities. 

2. Seller MO

For advanced merchants, MO Trader is a trading site. There, you can apply 19 screens, create multi-functional display lists, and get solid real-time search tips.

3. Computer trading platform

The desktop platform of Motilal Oswal provides tick-by-tick price indexes, over 40 indicators and facilities to build a watchlist for multiple properties.  

Trade gives you access to advanced reports and search tools such as Trade Guide Signal, Option Author, and Option Decoder.

4. MO Investor application and MO Trader application

The MO Investor and MO Trader apps are compatible with Android and iOS phones.

They are a miniature version of the respective trading platforms. 

The best

Motilal Oswal DEMAT and trading account is the best high value-added consulting and consulting service to investigate if you need to generate long term wealth. 

#11. ICICI Direct 3-in-1 Broker Review

ICICI’s direct research includes stocks, companies, markets, and investment funds. Search reports are available on the website and the business page. 

They are among the research products.

  • Pre-market perspectives on momentum selection and derivatives
  • Daily recommendations on emerging strategies and trends
  • Monthly forecasts of technicians, derivatives, and associations
  • Recommendations on the portfolio of companies, investments, and models 

The period of the various reports is daily and annually. 

ICICI direct trading platforms  

#1. HERE Trade Racer

The ICICI Trade Racer trading platform is available in the web version, desktop version, and mobile devices.

Trade Racer comes with Market and Trend Scanner, Live Scanner to help you analyze and market. Trade Racer also offers “Heat Maps” to find price movements. 

The best

ICICI Direct is best if you already have a banking relationship with ICICI Bank. It also benefits from business advice, research advice, and wealth management services.


If you ask me who the best broker in India is, I would recommend opening a Zerodha account.

Open a Upstox account if you are looking for a FREE andT account and want to offer like 30 days of zero brokerage.