Website Designer Job

In simple words maintaining a website is known as website design and the website designer is the one who designs the website. The world is getting changed day by day. People want to get rid of working from 9 to #5. Every business is getting digital. Everyone is moving their business online. To fulfill the need of this traffic, website designers are in demand. A website designer is the one who constructs the overall look of any website. It has never been so easy to get a Website Designer Job.

Website Designer job is huge field. It covers the area of application developers, games developers, multimedia programmers, multimedia specialists, SEO specialists, UX designers, UX researchers, web content managers etc.

How to get website Designer jobs?

Main question is that how to get website designers jobs. There are number of ways to get these jobs. For example, create your own website and advertise your services. Join social media groups, ask for job from the people around you and last but not least join freelancing sites to get these jobs.

How much money is involved?

Another important question is how much money you can earn from these jobs. Website designers are highly paid workers. They can earn millions annually. It all depends on their will and hard work. According to a survey, website designers earn a minimum of $52,000 annually.

Can I learn web design on my own?

It is an ongoing process that never ends. But it can be learned. You just need to learn HTML, CSS, and JAVA. Along with them, you need to have a grip on photoshop, sketch, and other tools for designing.

Are website designers and website developers same?

This is the general misconception that both website designers and website developers are the same. A website designer is the one who develops and designs the general outlook of any website. While website developers are the people who develop functionalities for websites. They both are different and their jobs are different also.

What do I need to do to become a web designer?

Formally speaking, you do not need to have any specific qualifications to become a website designer. But it is always beneficial to have some training in website designing and some experience in other types of designing. For that, if you do not want yourself to be enrolled in some institution, learn online.

Once you decide to dive into this field of website designing, you will be needing a portfolio of your creative and technical skills. It is always good to have knowledge of HTML and codes to write website pages.

Knowledge about flash, CSS, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, photoshop, and net frameworks would always be beneficial for you. But having a degree in this field is always a plus.

To sum up, website designing is not a new field anymore. It is estimated that 33% of online jobs are only for website designers and developers. There are hundreds of online market places where you can give your services and earn money. Fiverr, Upwork,, freelancer, are a few of those online market places where you can be hired as a website designer.

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